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Brown Safes: State-of-the-Art Luxury Safes for Use

If you’re on the lookout to invest in the best jewelry safe of all time then it is best to consider Brown Safes.

Inaugurated back in 1980, this old safe manufacturer today is renowned for developing premier solutions and authentic safes that combine enhanced security solutions.

Are you still skeptical? Then, let this blog explain why Brown Safe is your best bet when it comes to investing in luxury jewelry safe.

  1. Rated Safe Tl-15, Underwriters Laboratories

The protection level offered by Brown Safes is greater than most safe manufacturing companies around the globe. They have A TL-15 rating which means that even the highest profile safecracker with detailed knowledge of safe breaking cannot easily open the safes manufactured by them.

  1. Optimal Fire Resistance

Another reason to invest in jewelry safe from Brown safes is that they offer enhanced fire protection. They have developed a fire-resistant composite with a solid steel core which can withstand fire attacks up to 90 minutes.

Further, it can protect safe contents up to an hour when the temperature rises to 1700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Jewellery Safes

  1. Strong 50 Years of Experience

The expertise and craftsmanship offered by Brown Safes rival that of the major safe manufacturer’s in the globe. They use skilled precision to develop each and every aspect of luxury safes.

From the vault door to the body and the entire safe, this company imparts 50 years of knowledge to develop authentic safes that are attractive and compact.

  1. Steel Construction

Another reason to get your jewelry safe from Brown Safe’s is they are very precise and critical when it comes to safe construction. Brown safe understands that to make a safe extra secure focus should be given to its doors and handles.

This is why they develop vaults with thick steel doors along with five thick steel walls. This extra use of steel makes these safes unbreachable by burglars. As a result, you can keep a lot of valuable heirlooms stationed in this company’s safe without worrying about theft and robbery.

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  1. High Profile Lock

The company uses high-security U.L. Rated commercial-grade locks which use top rated electronics. As a result, the locks used by them satisfy both European and US standards.

  1. Lighting

Combining aesthetics along with quality Brown safes use commercial-grade Hera ® LED jewel lights for all their safes. As a result, these are bright while casting a mystic glow over valuables giving them a glamorous look.

  1. Fabric

Brown safes do not solely focus on tight security and enhanced safe body. They also pay careful attention to safe aesthetics. The company allows customers to customize the safe interior in colors of their choice.

What’s more? For the interior, the company uses soft velvet or luxurious Ultrasuede fabric which is durable as well as attractive.

On this note, now do you see why it is a wise decision to invest in a luxury vault from Brown Safes? So, hurry! Contact the company today and pick your choice of jewelry safe for storing precious family heirlooms.